Nikki Gemmell
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Nikki Gemmell is the author of the following books

Nikki's new book - her first ever novel for children.

The Kensington Reptilarium. For readers aged 9+.

Out now.

"The admirable and burdened oldest girl - Kick - is a noteworthy presence as a strong female lead. She is like Turner's Judy, Blyton's Anne and Alcott's Jo - in Blundstone boots."

The latest novel.

The conclusion to the Bride Stripped Bare trilogy.

Out now.

New from Nikki Gemmell

Honestly - Notes on Life

Celebrating a year of thought-provoking and fascinating columns in The Australian Weekend Magazine, Honestly is a collection of writing on a diverse range of subjects.


The original, erotic sensation.

And still the best.

The naked truth about happy ever after
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Or With My Body:

"The memory of his lips is so vivid under my fingertips and each morning, in the dead hours, I take the photo and place it beside the laptop and stare at the fingers that stroked a cat into thrumming once and the skin hoarding the sun and the eroticism of his hips, and I turn him into words..."
From Lovesong