In her stunning new book, Dissolve, Nikki Gemmell embarks upon a metamorphic journey towards becoming centred in her own narrative, after a lifetime spent inhabiting the periphery. She rebels against the suffocation of privilege and tradition in order to live a self determined life.


The Ripping Tree

The Ripping Tree is an historical thriller, a tale of survival in colonial Australia. A woman has to find a way to escape the claustrophobic world that initially appears to be rescuing her. Get out – before they save you is the shoutline. I like to think of this book ...


Nikki Gemmell tells of the turmoil of losing her mother to suicide

“She would have been the magnificent single, childless woman – she would have seized life,” Gemmell tells Guardian Australia. “All the opportunities came too late.” Instead, Elayn’s frustration with missed opportunities bubbled over into her relationship with her highly successful daughter – now a columnist at the Weekend Australian and the ...