Adult Books


"This is an account of six months in the life of Snip Freeman, a woman who turned her back on a man who was drowning. "...there's a storm cloud ahead, a steel-grey shower curtain is drawn almost the length of the sky before them and they slow with the flint smell ...



"I was once snugged up tight within a God-fearing community in a land where the light roared and sea hurt. But here I am now, out from under the thumb of Him and in a land where the sky is so low it almost brushes the rooftops. Here I am ...



"I can catalogue Antarctica by touch. The touch of air sucked dry on my cheek, the fur of a day-old seal pup, the touch of an iceberg, a blizzard, a lover, the touch of sweat at minus twenty-three, of a camera stuck to the skin on my face, of cold ...