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In her stunning new book, Dissolve, Nikki Gemmell embarks upon a metamorphic journey towards becoming centred in her own narrative, after a lifetime spent inhabiting the periphery. She rebels against the suffocation of privilege and tradition in order to live a self determined life.


The Ripping Tree

The Ripping Tree is an historical thriller, a tale of survival in colonial Australia. A woman has to find a way to escape the claustrophobic world that initially appears to be rescuing her. Get out – before they save you is the shoutline. I like to think of this book ...



Pre-order now HERE An elderly woman is found dead by builders, in her favourite armchair, in front of the television. As the police officers knock on her daughter’s front door and inform her of her mother’s death, they take her inside and pull out their notebooks to record what the anguished daughter is saying. ...


The Bride Stripped Bare

Nikki Gemmell's fourth novel, originally published anonymously, was an international literary sensation. The following is an interview that was conducted by Peter Babiek for the Canadian literary journal "SubTerrain," in July 2004. Is this novel "literary pornography"? Goodness no. It's basically a very honest take on sex, from a woman's perspective. When ...


Why you are Australian

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AUSTRALIAN? When expatriate novelist Nikki Gemmell had her three children in London, she chose to give them Aussie citizenship over British. This Is Why Why You Are Australian is a treatise about what it means to be Australian. Honest, moving, provocative, uplifting - an exile's story, a mother's ...


I Take You

Nikki Gemmell concludes the loose trilogy started with international bestsellers THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE and WITH MY BODY with this astonishing new tour de force. Under her Chanel suit and designer lingerie, Connie Carven is no longer the typical banker's wife. Since Cliff's dreadful skiing accident Connie has become a ...


Honestly: Notes on Life

Celebrating a year of thought-provoking and fascinating columns in The Australian Weekend Magazine, Honestly is a collection of writing on a diverse range of subjects such as motherhood after 40, the end of a close friendship, the joy of a handwritten letter, connecting with nature, the necessity of tweezers, meeting ...


The Book of Rapture

Three children wake up in a basement room. They have been drugged and taken from their beds in the middle of the night. Now they are here. Alone. Where are their parents? Who can they trust? The family has been betrayed to the government and Salt Cottage, their home on a cliff ...


Pleasure: An Almanac for the Heart

A celebration of women, friendship and all things fabulous in life... Bold and intimate and full of heart, Nikki Gemmell's latest book is an ideal gift for your best friend, aunt, sister or fairy godmother. The Bride Stripped Bare exposed female desire as no other book had: it was raw, intoxicating and ...


With My Body

In 2003 Nikki Gemmell created a sensation when, writing under the tag 'Anonymous', her novel The Bride Stripped Bare became a literary phenomenon, with its raw and unflinching depiction of female sexuality. Now, eight years later, Gemmell returns with another tour de force, With My Body, and addresses the question of ...